My career started in stupidly sunny South Africa where I spent six years learning and growing as a creative and picking up a little collection of metal along the way. Grey skies and a proper cup of tea lured me home and I moved back to London in December 2015. I'm a completely through-the-line creative and though I love the craft side of writing, there's nothing I like more than getting my teeth stuck into a tricky, conceptual brief.

I'm all about the big idea.

I'm a creative first and a woman second; which sounds a bit wanky and weird, but I genuinely believe that great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. The 12% stat is outrageous and something I'm ferociously determined to change.

I like to think I can bake and I do a particularly good Chewbacca impression. When I was little I used to want to be in the Famous Five and you're a brave (or foolish) person if you come between me and my Marmite. 

AWARD thingys


1 of 9 women chosen by She Says as women in the industry doing great things

Cannes Lions / 2013

Finalist / Direct Lions - JHHESA: Virus

Bronze / Design Lions - OFM: Music Box

The Bees Awards / 2012

Gold / Best Use of Micro Blogging Platform / Brothers for Life, Twitter Army

Loeries / 2012

Grand Prix / OFM, Change Your Tune

Gold / Communication Design; Direct & Promotional Mail / OFM, Change Your Tune

Gold / Viral / Brothers for Life, Twitter Army

Silver Writing Craft Certificate / Design Crafts / OFM, Change Your Tune

Pendorings / 2012

Gold / Proudly South African / Brothers for Life, Twitter Army

John Caples International Awards / 2012

Gold / Digital Social Media / Brothers for Life; Twitter Army

International Health Awards / 2012

Gold / Integrated Campaign / Brothers for Life; Twitter Army