My career started in stupidly sunny South Africa where I spent six years learning and growing as a creative and picking up a little collection of metal along the way. Grey skies and a proper cup of tea lured me home and I moved back to London in December 2015.

I'm a completely through-the-line creative and though I love the craft side of writing, there's nothing I like more than getting my teeth stuck into a tricky, conceptual brief. I'm all about the big idea.

The 12% stat is outrageous and something I'm determined to change; I’m pretty sure that becoming a mum is my new super power and I don’t think, collectively, that we’re doing enough to keep exceptional young, female talent in the industry (which is why I’m Head of Placements and do lovely things with lovely people like SheSays, to try and change all that).

Outside of the 9 to 5 I’ve also done cool things like host a panel of talented women discussing self-promotion in the workplace.

When I was little I used to want to be in the Famous Five and you're a brave (or foolish) person if you come between me and my Marmite. 

Award thingys


1 of 9 women chosen by She Says as women in the industry doing great things

Cannes Lions / 2013

Finalist / Direct Lions - JHHESA: Virus

Bronze / Design Lions - OFM: Music Box

The Bees Awards / 2012

Gold / Best Use of Micro Blogging Platform / Brothers for Life, Twitter Army

Loeries / 2012

Grand Prix / OFM, Change Your Tune

Gold / Communication Design; Direct & Promotional Mail / OFM, Change Your Tune

Gold / Viral / Brothers for Life, Twitter Army

Silver Writing Craft Certificate / Design Crafts / OFM, Change Your Tune

Pendorings / 2012

Gold / Proudly South African / Brothers for Life, Twitter Army

John Caples International Awards / 2012

Gold / Digital Social Media / Brothers for Life; Twitter Army

International Health Awards / 2012

Gold / Integrated Campaign / Brothers for Life; Twitter Army