I love you so much I could eat you.

Gobble you up entire.

Lick your nose, consume your toes

and roast you over a fire.

I want to lick the underside of your lid.

Snack on your soft little chin.

Munch your rolls, nibble your folds

and wolf down your toothy grin.

I want to gnaw on your elbows.

Stuff my face with your thighs.

Inhale your freshly baked baby smell

and slurp your twinkly eyes.

I want to devour that finger,

the one you point with to the world.

Tear off the skin like a chicken wing

then chew on your golden curls.

I want to hoover you up with a straw,

gulp down every last drop.

I know I’m going on, my love,

but you’re too delicious to stop.